Autonomë: Re-contextualizing the car-buying experience

The Challenge

Our Process

Our process as visualized in our final presentation


Our group used MURAL to virtually collaborate


Our customer persona and journey map driven by research insights

“I was really confused about the entire process so I brought my father with me. He knows cars better and would help me avoid being intimidated during negotiations.”

“It is really frustrating when customers come in and just wander around aimlessly… are you going to buy or not?”


5 Whys pre-ideation exercise using our revised problem statements
Mash-Up and 10x10 ideation strategies in practice
Idea Portfolio & Octopus Clustering methods to evaluate and understand our ideas

Incorporating both the digital interface and customer advocates inside of the dealership, our approach gives customers a flexible experience that can start and stop at their choosing.


Sketching, desktop walkthrough, and our service advertisement

The Solution

Autonomë touch points and entire process summarized

Our Conclusion



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